How to Be a Fabulous Father

A Father's Day message of encouragement and guidance from Joshua 24:14-15.

So many men in this world today fail to be good fathers.  Children dream of a father they can be proud of, a father they can look up to, a father they can brag to their friends about.  You can be that father! One of the best ways to inspire pride from your family is to honor God.  

As a father the best gift you can  give your children is to allow them to see you honor God.  Show your children that real men love Jesus.  By openly showing your love and respect for the Lord you will teach them how to serve God. They will learn by your example and come to honor and serve him as well.

In places all across our nation families are falling apart because the man is not what he should be. But when the father leads, his family follows.  A father's commitment to lead his family to God both honors God and provides for his family.