The Clock is Ticking

Despite our constant struggle, men will never be satisfied by earthly things. Because of God we strive for something more lasting.

Bro. David continues his series of messages from Ecclesiastes all about our search for satisfaction.

Most people will never find what they're searching for, because you cannot be truly happy without God.  In Ecclesiastes 3 Solomon looked at all he had accumulated and still found life lacking.  He, like so many today, had filled his life with vanity but was left wanting.  But Solomon realized that God has an appointed time for everything, and through time His purposes are accomplished.  

We can see the reason that you cannot be fully satisfied by material, earthly concerns is because God has placed eternity in our hearts. That's why we never stop thinking, "There has to be more than this."  Because of God, you're linked to eternity!  Our bodies won't last forever, but our souls can! Our time here on earth is always running out. That's why today is the day for salvation. You can belong to God for all eternity.

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