The Seven Sayings From the Cross: The Pronouncement of Thirst

"I Thirst."

We learn from John 19:28 that among Jesus's last words was a pronouncement of thirst. But what brought on this thirst? What caused Jesus,  living water, to dry up?

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We know when Jesus took our sin He became separated from God. This separation from such a vital part of life left a deep spiritual thirst within Him.  When you forsake God by sin you're left wanting; you're left thirsty.

In verse 28, Jesus's task had been accomplished, finished, and carried out.  God the Father had accepted His sacrifice for sin.  Jesus saw that He had done everything necessary for us to be free and, and like an athlete that has crossed the finish line, He thirsted.

Jesus experienced both physical and spiritual anguish and His thirst was twofold.  Jesus still thirsts today to fellowship with those who have forgotten or never received him.

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