The Seven Sayings from the Cross: The Prayer of Commitment

"Father, info your hand I commit my spirit; You have redeemed me, O Lord, God of truth."

Easter isn't over, it has just begun: Easter means we're loved, we're freed from our sins, and we have been given a place in God's Kingdom. For several weeks we have seen man at his worst and God at His best.  At the cross we saw God's greatest work and heard God's greatest words. Bro. David concludes his series The Seven Sayings from the Cross with a message from Luke 23:44-46.

With Easter, Jesus not only shows us how to die, but also how to live. You can lean upon Jesus. Nothing is half as secure as the soul that leans upon Jesus Christ for salvation.  Place your life in the hands of God for safety and security. You can have a life of fulfillment and contentment; Your life can be satisfying to both you and God. But living life at its best requires more than a commitment to God. It requires surrender. Give your life to God in total surrender.

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