A World Without Easter

The Resurrection is the most critical backbone of our belief; without it, worship is empty.

Without the Resurrection there is no Easter, and without Easter there is no victor over the grave, death, sin, and the things that separate us from God. Today the facts of the Resurrection are under attack because they are so important to us as Christians.  Brother David looks at 1 Corinthians 15:12-20 to see what a bleak world it would be without Easter.

Without a risen savior, there would be nothing worth preaching in sermons; there would be nothing worthwhile to hear at church. Without the Resurrection, the church is just a social club, and believers' witness has been worthless.

 We see just as the life of Jesus gives meaning to His birth, the death of Jesus gives meaning to His life. If He had not given His sinless life as payment for our sins, that sinless life would have been meaningless. And the Resurrection gave meaning to his death: if Jesus had not been raised from the dead He could not have been who He said He was. His empty tomb meant we were free from the burden of sin, and the futility of life without salvation. We know, through the Bible and by faith, that we are saved from the hopelessness of a world without Easter because Jesus overcame the grave.