The Seven Sayings from the Cross: The Possibility of Salvation

"Today you will be with Me in Paradise."

Continuing The Seven Sayings from the Cross, our series of messages on the final words Jesus spoke while hanging from the cross, we hear see our Lord's greatest work and hear His greatest words.  In Luke 23:33-43 we find Jesus is to be crucified with two robbers. But why? Jesus came to identify with sinners. He was born among sinners, lived among sinners, came to die among sinners. He shed his blood for every sinner.

We learn that one of the robbers from the Crucifixion went to Heaven and one went to Hell. An occurrence that took place on Calvary and also takes place every Sunday all over the world. To turn your back on God's salvation is to be lost forever. Everyone has an opportunity: A man who was never baptized, never took communion, never joined the church and never did any good works was saved because of Jesus Christ. In his last moments, one robber turned to Jesus for the truth and received salvation. Heaven is not out of reach; there is always the possibility of salvation.

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