The Gift of Access

You are never alone because Jesus is always there for you.

This month our series of messages called The Gifts of Christmas draws from the book of Romans to examine the gifts God gives to us because Christ has come into the world.  The gift of access from Romans 5:1-2 is an important but sometimes overlooked blessing.

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Biblical scripture says that Jesus has given believers the keys to the kingdom of heaven. What this verse means is good news for all believers.  You will have complete and free access to God's kingdom, keys to open any and every door, with no barriers between heaven and earth.  This is the all-inclusive nature of God's plan and can be seen illustrated in Christmas stories from the Bible.

The wise men of Christmas were gentiles drawn to the hope of the messiah.  They worshiped Him despite not being Jewish because of the access to God that was brought by Jesus.  Similarly, the shepherds that night were low-born and unclean but they were granted witness to the message of Jesus's birth. With the birth of his son, who came for all people, God was saying that the old barriers had been torn down and that heaven was accessible to all; People need only recognize their need and come to God through Jesus Christ. These figures came by faith on Christmas to see for themselves.

This means that we are never alone because of the constant friend we have in Jesus and through Him we have unlimited access to God, upon whom we can call anytime and who will be an ever-present help to us. You always can always share your burdens because of the access to God granted through Jesus Christ. But we must not only take advantage of this access ourselves; It is imperative that we communicate to others that the door to heaven is unlocked and ready for us all.   We want all people to know that access to God is given and the way to the kingdom is open, so that they may embrace the Christ of Christmas. We've been given the keys to open the doors for others!

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