The Grace of Belonging

A Lord's Supper Meditation

20171022 The Grace of Belonging.png

Sometimes we as Christians forget that we belong to God, but the Lord's Supper as an act of worship reminds us that of all He has done for us.  This week we look at Deuteronomy 7:6-9 to see our unique position as God's holy people. 

To be made holy by God means that we have been set apart by Him, for Him, and to Him.  But this holiness is a result of belonging to God; as His chosen people, we are no longer our own, but have been bought by the blood of Jesus. Being holy is being who God wants us to be and how we live our lives reflects God's objectives for us.

We were chosen through Christ when God showed his grace and sent us his son despite our sins. When we remember the Lord's Supper we reaffirm that it was God's grace and love that saved us, claiming ownership over us as God's people. Because we belong to God and because of His grace we must love him and keep his commandments. Are you truly a follower of Jesus? When you understand what Jesus did for you, you are called to live your life in dedication to Him.