Addressing the "Last Prejudice"

Gender bias is possibly the last prejudice to be addressed.

In fact, our society is confused about the difference between masculine and feminine.

When God, the Creator and Father of human-kind, speaks of man and woman, he never speaks of their differences. His focus? UNITY. He calls the two to become one.

Women and men are not interchangeable. When God created Adam and Eve, He made them to have dominion together. They shared responsibilities.

You know, Adam was not looking for someone to rule over. He already had that responsibility. Instead he was looking for someone to share and celebrate his domain with. Someone who was wise and tender. A confidante who would love and admire him. He was looking for a complimentary "other" to do life with. So, God brought forth Eve.

Today, God is calling forth his daughters. There are battles only His daughters can win. Only God's daughters are equipped for the missions He's assigned to them and their truest form of power is in their womanhood.

"It is time to shake ourselves loose of these earthly shrouds of gender fear and confusion and begin to fight for truth, honor and our kin." (Lisa Bevere, p. 34, Fight Like a Girl)

On Sunday, Sept. 11, we resume class to discuss some of these questions:

  • Are there areas of life where you have slipped on the battlefield disguised as a man?
  • Why did you take on this facade?
  • Why do you think women are afraid to reveal themselves?
  • Why might women prefer to not be recognized as strong or powerful?

When you took the quiz did you learn you were an imposter or not?

Author Note I'm Janet Brister and am facilitating the study. I thought it would be nice to sum up our classes each week and remind those in class what the assignment is, etc.

Assignment Read Chapter 3 and complete workbook. Some of these questions you've never considered before so do your best to answer what you can.