Solutions Are Amazing

You are the guardian of the heart.

You are the guardian of the heart.

On Sunday, August 21,  the women of Aspen Park learned they were created originally as solutions. We were also reminded that what was lost in the Garden of Eden was restored on the cross.

Now we are challenged to become that which we were originally created to be. Allies with men to have dominion on the earth and bring nurture and love to our circle of influence.

You know, there is a lot of noise around us today telling women they need to be fixed. They need to fix their hair. They need to fix their face. They need to fix up their home. And it is only natural they project some of that to fixing the other people in their lives.

Well, God speaks in a "still, small voice" and that static has been drowning out His purpose for the creature "woman".

In our study was a list of characteristics for problems and solutions. Look at how interestingly these characteristics translate into human behavior:

Problems are

  • Negative
  • Critical
  • Judgmental
  • Nag with worry and fear

Solutions are

  • Positive
  • Hopeful
  • Life-giving
  • Comfort and slay fear with love

This list has really inspired me to be a solution. How about you?

Come join us on Sunday night at 5:00 pm as we continue to learn how to "Fight Like a Girl."

Author Note I'm Janet Brister and am facilitating the study. I thought it would be nice to sum up our classes each week and remind those in class what the assignment is, etc.

Assignment Read Chapter 2 and complete workbook. Some of these questions you've never considered before so do your best to answer what you can.