New Series of Messages Begins in April

This coming Sunday April 3rd we are beginning a brand new series of messages on "Breaking The Lies That Bind"


You have heard about the ties that bind, blessed be the ties that bind, but there are lies that bind in a negative sense.  Lies that we have believed all of our lives, our culture has taught us, even some that our parents have taught us.  They are lies that affect us adversely.  We want to replace those lies with the truth of God that will set us free, and will break the chains, the oppression of discouragement and self-doubt and free us to be what God would have us to be, to know the abundant life in Jesus Christ.  And the only thing that will break a lie that is binding you, a lie that is putting you in the bondage of fear or the bondage of worry or the bondage of self-defeat or of frustration, is the truth.  The truth will break the lies that bind.  In fact, look at what Jesus said in John 8:32; 


“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”


               In the weeks ahead you will not want to miss any of these messages as they will truly set you free from some of the lies that bind God’s children.  The following are the titles for the next few weeks and will give you some insight to what we are about to discover as God’s people.


1. It Doesn't Matter What You Believe As Long As You Are Sincere

2. Satan's Four Spiritual Flaws

3. Because I Am a Christian, Life Should Be Fair

4. Since I Am Saved by Grace, My Works Are Unimportant

5. Because I Am A Christian God Will Protect Me From Pain And Suffering

6. I Should Be Able To Change Overnight

7. I Should Be Able To Change Overnight

8. Since Everything in My Life Is Going Wrong, I Must Be Out of God's Will

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