But God Ministries - Stan Buckley

Life is more than just acquiring things then dying.


"We are not cats, and we only have one life to live. Is someone's life better or different because you are a follower of Jesus Christ? You're here for a reason, God created us for a purpose. Don't miss it." - Dr. Stan Buckley

It's an amazing thing that happens when you step up and step out for Christ. I can speak from experience, as I've been to Haiti and have seen the good work that But God Ministries does there. Today we have a special treat as God's man, Dr. Stan Buckley, presents the history and vision of But God Ministries in Haiti and locally.

If you want to know more about But God Ministries and how it works, you can visit their website here. If you want to know more about how Aspen Park connects and volunteers with But God Ministries, call the main office at 918.455.2100.