When Do Women Strike?

Raising our voices in prayer is like sounding your shofar to call the troops to arms and strike fear in the heart of your enemy,

Raising our voices in prayer is like sounding your shofar to call the troops to arms and strike fear in the heart of your enemy,

Have you ever watched a battle scene in a movie? Whether it is modern day or centuries ago, an airstrike, if possible, was always launched. It was either with arrows, stones or bombs. Anyone can point the artillery in the right direction and fire.

This helps us understand the weapons women have at their disposal. Women weren't really designed to participate directly in battle. Our role is to raise the standard, prepare to attack and do all we can to diffuse the enemy's strengths by an airstrike. 

We do this by preparing the hearts and minds of our children and by helping men in our lives keep their priorities and why they made those commitments. Pointing ever toward God's kingdom holding His standard high.

Like a quiver full of arrows, we use our influence to prepare those around us with wisdom and knowledge. When we focus that knowledge upon God and the Word of God, then the arrows will fly true.

Prayer is another form of advanced attack. It can be compared to a horn or even a warning signal sounded in distress or to strike fear in the heart of an enemy. Prayer calls for help and, when you know Who the recipient of the prayer is, it strikes fear in the heart of the enemy. They know immediate answers are on their way. An Almighty loving God responds. He has solutions in place to bring victory.

It lifts the hearts of those in the battle and alerts them help is eminent. And it chills the heart of the enemy because they know defeat is eminent..

What a wonderful gift: Access to immediate help at all times!

And what great confidence we can have in the Source Whose standard we raise to keep our focus on all that is most important in order to live the full life Jesus Christ offers to believers.

Remember, Paul reminds us in Romans 8:28 we KNOW all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

The first time this Scripture spoke to me I was impressed with the tremendous gift God gave to me. I love God. I have answered His call.. 

I CAN NEVER SCREW UP! was my first thought. God will make it work out for His purpose and to His glory. The end result is going to be good. Perfect. That day I took God at His word and have never had a nervous moment ever again.

Since then I've graduated high school and college, married, played piano, sung, and spoken before thousands of people, written and been read worldwide, and always with the confidence birthed out of the confidence this promise gave me. He has made all things around me work out to His purpose. To His glory. It is good.

This is the vision I desire to impart to every woman I know. You have this same promise. You can be confident in aiming your arrows pointed toward God. You can find joy and peace knowing you are following God Who has promised to work all things together for good.

Doesn't that shape the way you want to live your life? 

It did me.

Assignment Read Chapter 7 and complete workbook. You'll want to start this chapter early and the workbook sooner. There are lots of great examples of women who fought with wisdom.

Author Note I'm Janet Brister and am facilitating the study. I thought it would be nice to sum up our classes each week and remind those in class what the assignment is, etc.