Help Group


Connect through helping others!

Aspen Park loves to help people. It's one of the ways where we can connect people with God.

The Help Group is just another way we can connect 1-on-1 with people and families in the area.

Aspen Park has many people with many experts in many fields and we're here to help you however we can.

If you'd like some help fill out our help form here.

If you'd like to join our Help Group and help out some folks in need, then sign up with us through the Get Involved link at the top of the page.

Here's how it works!

If you need help you contact the church, and the church maintains a list of people who are willing to offer their time and materials for free, within reason.

The church then contacts someone on the list who is available and asks them if they have the time to provide the assistance required.

Then, the volunteer contacts the person in need directly and the details are worked out. No money ever exchanges hands for the work completed.

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About who we help.

We never discuss who we help without their express permission. Privacy is our utmost concern for those we help. 

About our list.

We never publish or give out any information about the list we maintain. Our list is not about competition, or getting the next job. It's about volunteering time, money, resources, knowledge and caring for someone who has a genuine need to stay warm, have running water, etc.